Got invited to come check out the new and improved Aztec theatre and hang with some new peoples. Much love to Sam Panchevre and Dominique Garcia for taking care of me. My first Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) and Limp Bizkit show.. one of the livest shows i've ever seen in my life.. Ran into Fred Durst backstage. Cool fkn dude. Also got the opportunity to climb onboard the tourbus and kick it with MGK. Picked his brain about music and touring. Sharp dude. Means what he says. Puts on a hell of a show. Looking forward to keeping up with em.

"..yeah, i think it's probably the last San Antonio show of the year!"
- DJ boboglobo

foto by Mikro Photography

Ya'll crazy.

Special thanks to Michael theDMG Gomez, Matt Albrecht Crispin Hard Cider, Laura Floy Blue Moon Brewing Company, Cole Mayville & all The Block staff for making this happen and most of all.. Ya'll for bringing it to life.

filmed by The Chase Mullenax

Stopped by the Wild 104 Morning Mojo show. Much love to Jammin Jay Z and Lorena Macarena. Good good peoples..

Carlton Zeus with Luna Luna Magazine on "Drinking Rio"

RBO: What inspired this song?

CZ: "Growing up in Brownsville, TX on the border of Matamoros, MX, you come across people in passing sometimes that you can’t forget. Maybe it’s something they do or something they say. A combination of that found its way into these lyrics I wrote years ago. I make hip hop music. We glamorize alot of dumb shit. I felt like “Drinking Rio” was an opportunity to paint pictures a lot of people don’t see. At the same time, I’ve come across a lot of people that identify with..."

Read More

filmed by The Chase Mullenax

SPI Beerfest 2014 Carlton Zeus foto by The Gabe Kaplan


"Everything a young man needs to know about women.."

Dana McLendon


courtesy of

MacTown Bobby always had a way with words.. but ya'll already knew that. Thanks for everybody who stopped by the crib lastnite to hangout. Great time.

Sending care packages to our boy Doc Hauser as he too gets through those tuff times.. 

Saw lots of knockouts. Dudes fought their hearts out. Special thanks to Jesse James Leija and Mike Battah Leija Battah Promotions for bringing us onboard for a great night of boxing and doing what we do. Also Juicy for coming thru and rockin the stage with us. Looking forward to the next one!

Me and theDMG caught up with Sergio Perales backstage - reppin Brownsville, Texas. Turns out his trainer Robert Campos was also my trainer way back in the day (Boys & Girls club). One of the best out the RGV.  I'll never forget having menudo from SCRATCH for the first time before a Golden Gloves tournament at Campos crib. There was a cow hangin from the back porch and enough menudo to feed a village.

Hell of a fight. Perales got the KO like I predicted via instagram. Also met with..

In the home studio plottin new music with homies Big Gemini, Ben Cina, and fam ...When i got a call from Johnny-O and The Valley's Most Wanted Show ..Ya'll stay tuned


RIP DJ Screw

Tony Parker tell emmmmmm!!!

Photos courtesy of Mikro Photography

No radio, no press, no nationals, just heavy footwork from the team, sponsors, and fans word of mouth

Livin the dream.. Since i was a little chavalon in Brownsville, TX sellin poems to dudes to give to their girlfriends.. this is all i wanted to do. Happy Birthday Luis. Zac ur crazy for giving up those Kanye tickets to rock with us lastnight... Thank ya'll.. more pics





Throwback:  Got a text before the show like "Pssst! Tell Alyssa Bernal i said What's up!"

i said to myself.. "One day Shakira, Rick Ross, Carlton Zeus, School Boy Q, and Frozen... will be available at participating Target retailers."

If your neighborhood Target isn't onboard, tell em to get with it already  Nine Lives Three Wishes

"The album is a joyful trip where every song is a potential single."
Enrique Lopetegui - The San Antonio Current

"We can’t wait to see what he does next…"
Stephanie Guerra - Puro Pinche

"..Masterfully produced"
Daniel Gronert - Infinity Beats

"Surfboard.. Surfboard"
Beyoncé Knowles-Carter - Drunk in Love

"I'll support local music when it's good. THIS is GOOD"
DJ Spoon - Mix 96.1

"..deep record with killer production that strongly rewards multiple spins and features some other dope local talent"
James Courtney - The San Antonio Current








Also available on:



Thank ya'll for supporting and sharing. We all got dreams i hope. Sometimes it feels like life has a way of asking you how bad you want it. I hope my answer always reflects in my work. Love

- Zeus


Feat. Erica Gonzaba

Old song Ryan Short, theDMG, and I put together a few years ago. Thought we'd try it live. 1 take.. 2 cameras rollin..


Spring Breakers play hard but take care of eachother.. Keep ur drunk friends away from them gas station tamales & balcony's. Much love to ya'll making "Alpha Child" a part of the moment WILD 104 Johnny O, Lauren, Jay Z, Agro, Ashley, Loopz, Alvaro, The Morning Mojo Show! My music is a product of TEXAS, so u know they they're listening



Wanna hear it in your city, hit up ur local station via FB or request line and tell em u want it!


Never Say Never 2014 Mission, Texas.. Blast. Much love to the NSN staff, Bob Lopez, artists - Shwayze, Hearts and Hands, Issues, cool peeps. See ya'll next year!


From Texas to NYC to Jamaica to China to S. Korea to Kyrgyzstan.. Appreciate the love ya'll!


Feat. Alyson Alonzo
Produced by Ace 1
Backing vocals by Merykid & Stan Wayne


I got a million of these in the vault. Just wanted ya'll to have this..

The song is called "Wait for Me" off the album that shoulda-coulda but never was..

3. Have a good weekend!

 alt= the home studio with the legendary Alex Ruiz.. The man that brought u the sounds of Sin City, Kill Bill 2, Machete and more classics than i can count ...This one's for Brownsville (stay tuned)


Always had these ideas in my head (songs)..

Pumping gas driving back from South Padre Island..

4am Ft Huachuca marching in formation..

Last call waiting on the bar tender to close me out..

Breakfast at Hotel Congress..

Zoning out during movies..

NYE sitting on a moving ice chest in downtown San Antonio..

Laughing with ol' friends til the sun comes up just in time for Q-tacos..

Matamoros: killin my Indio as a flatbed of SEDENA troops rollup in balaclavas..

Hotel lobbies..  Frozen dinner..


NEW single "Six Past Six"
yours free for download.. NOW

Get it!


 It's been a long and fascinating road. Working on this album opened up my eyes to a lot and i'm still kinda mesmerized by how it all comes together.. I made some expensive mistakes going against my gut but the lessons learned are invaluable. Hell of a roller coaster ride.. 


Way forward

As far as the next step goes, i'm going to finish the album. I've started from scratch. Bout half way there. Looking forward to it sharing it with ya'll. Music videos.. Bigger shows.. and more..


Stay tuned



Sometimes it's just nice to getaway for no reason.. So, we chartered a 45 passenger bus of America's most lovable misfits to place i never heard of..

Destination:   L'Auberge Casino Resort, Lake Charles, Louisiana

Outcome:   Predictably unpredictable

Theme song:   "Rock Me Amadeus" - Falco

Pics:  Just a few here



photo by Tiki Tillman Photography

more pics

Great trip back home brought to you by the good folks at Wikkd Heir Clothing and Vermillion. Live show like nothing we've ever experienced.. still not sure how to describe it. Looking forward to going back. OH OH.. music aside.. before i forget.. El Mesquite taqueria on Coffee Port - BEST breakfast tacos i've EVER had in my entire life! I know the Q-taco is a pretty big deal but you gotta hit this spot atleast twice if you're in town.

Also had a chance to stop by Wild104 FM and talk to our homie DJ Agro about my upcoming album. Great convo - Good dude! Paid a visit to Cameron Park for some fresh watermelon on the way to South Padre..


..had the best nachos ever at the world famous Vermillion Restaurant. Much love to George Perez and the whole staff for feeding us and keeping those cold red buckets comin'       

Why'd I do it?

Bloc Party MUST SEE live. Wasn't too familiar til a friend put me on to em recently and I went on a downloading spree - hooked. I started asking around about the next time they'd be performing live in Texas. Unfortunately, I was told i'd probably never see em' live unless I took a trip to the UK or Lollapalooza. So my wheels started spinnin..

Around that same time I was scratching my head dealing with some fallout I saw coming. I pretty much shook hands with a conman.. then lawyers got involved. Not sure if this has ever happened to you, but no matter how frivolous.. you can either rollover or fight em. I went into my savings and put my money on Bloc Party to fray my legal fees.. and it all worked itself out.

Also, to better understand my craft, I always kinda always wanted to see what it was like on the other side of booking. So as unlikely as it seemed, I thought it was worth a shot. Three birds.. one stone.

Carlton Zeus  is not a promoter..

more pics


Worst case scenario:
I lose a lot of money and hang my head in shame for 20 mins or so..

"Some ppl said San Antonio wasn't ready..."

Everyday since we announced this show, i've been on the phone & email coordinating with Josabis to make sure this show was as big and smooth as a 500,000 elephants wrapped in silk.

Easier said than done, but in the end, it was beyond anything i'd ever imagined. Hours before we opened the gates, there was a line wrapped around the parking lot with the most interesting and upbeat people. I  left to go pick up the band from their hotel and as we pulled up, it was like... the same feeling I had when i saw snow in Brownsville, TX for the first time..

Big special thanks to Josabis for standing by me on this!  

OH BOY! Knock knock! Gift in the mail from my good ol' friends at Pabst Blue Ribbon & Lone Star Beer Brewing Co. Too kind! 




Special thanks to Jen, Zahir, and Miss Crissy! See ya'll June 22nd at Rocklobster

I understand that hip hop means different things to people, and the fact we're able to share stages with some of the most talented acts in other genres means it's truly about the music. All the bands did a killer job! Big thanks to all the bands for their contributions to San Antonio music!  



Beyonce had the best video of all time!

..aaaand i just got a msg i've been nominated "Best New Artist of 2013" San Antonio Music Awards ...and all kinds of other stuffs. Now what???

  • Best Live Show - Carlton Zeus
  • Best Hip Hop Artist - Carlton Zeus
  • Best Acoustic Act - Carlton Zeus
  • Best New Artist - Carlton Zeus
  • Best Original Song - "Sharpie Solo" Carlton Zeus

Being that the award show falls on the same day as my Bloc Party show, I won't be able to attend but am honored they were so kind to include me in their polls. Cheers to local music!




Eevzdrop and Eye in the Sky present

Rhythm in the chaos..

Honored to be a part of such a huge weekend. I think it's shows like this one that shape what we do and how we do it.


Much love to the good folks at Eevzdrop and Eye in the Sky for putting us on and a huge thank you to everybody who had the chance to see Justin Timberlake and/or Prince, but instead came out to see us do our thing. (i kid.. but really Thank you!) read more...



photos by Jazel Marie & teydy|ROOST





Great night celebrating the release of our good friend Nickshan's EP Release. Glad we could be a part of it! Great variety of sounds sharing the stage: The Houligans, Rafiki Project, Doc Hauser, Chubby Fitzwell and of course Nickshan himself along with band Egshan.

Shout out to Mr Mota & Alicia all the way from College Station!

i think it's safe to say...  "Mikey is pretty good..."

Peep the drum solo!  Ma' drummer  Mike theDMG Gomez

Legends of Mike theDMG Gomez

1. Graduated St. Mary's University with a 3.2 GPA

2. theDMG once played 316 shows in one year

3. When theDMG is not playing the drums, he whittles bars of soap into the face of Steve Buscemi and sells em on eBay to inmates in FCI Ashland, Kentucky

4. theDMG initially declined to play drums for Carlton Zeus

*One of these legends is partially untrue

New Single:   Padre 12


Carlton Zeus Padre 12 album art



SINGLE of the Week
The San Antonio Current

Inspired by moments of love & leisure at South Padre complimented by the sounds of Ryan Shortt on guitar & lapsteel, Mike theDMG Gomez on percussion and Austin Valentine on bass. Produced by Ace 1...  (read more)

Thank ya'll for sharing via FB, email, word of mouth, etc!




What started out as an oil change, turned into a list of anything and everything that could've gone wrong under the hood of my truck. I think it's important to take moments like these and flip em the best you can to get your momentum back.

I didn't really grow up with alot. Probably a good thing, because it made me work extra hard to earn all my wants & needs. Since I was a little guy on foot, I remembered I always wanted an Escalade.. Today, finally, i did it..

I'll never revolve my world around material things.. I understand the value of appreciating what you do have. At the same time, I work hard and.. i couldn't talk myself out of it. - blessed

Big thanks to Mr. Robert Black at Ken Batchelor who took really great care of me.


Every show, the crowd gets bigger and louder. I met people after the show that drove/flew from outta city/state. Dallas, Austin, Brownsville, Houston, Wisconsin, Virginia, Oklahoma..

My band worked really hard for this show. Dope to step back and listen/watch it all come together.. Even Alyssa Bernal came through and joined the circus. Bass, drums, guitar, lapsteel, turntables, xylophones, windchimes, woodblocks, beach balls, crowd surfing..


i could live here.. When Urban Outfitters asks for an in-store performance, the answer is always "yes!" Coolest staff ever. Met alot of cool ppl before and after the show. Thank you Urban Outfitters Back To School Fest 2012 at La Cantera !





Also - some of my hometown favorites: Hydra Melody and Low Times. Cool dudes! Even cooler music! Check em' out if you haven't already!

What started out as a small kegger on the beach with a few tiki torches & friends, turned into a wild night at Clayton's Beach Bar at South Padre Island (SPI). The day before we pulled the trigger, I got a 3-way call from my manager and Mr. Clayton himself asking us to consider moving our circus to Clayton's.. it was a 'no brainer'

ZERO promotion. All word of mouth. Just wanted to get some friends together and show em' how the album is coming along. Couldn't ask for a better turnout. 

More pics 







Gettin ready for the upcoming show. 1st run-through of "Wait for Me" off the upcoming album - with theDMG on drums, Austin Valentine on bass, Ryan Shortt on the lap steel and DJ boboglobo jumped off the turn tables and onto the electric guitar to make this one happen. Muchos Gracias Jazel for..

Erica Gonzaba - My 1st time seeing her live.. She's flawless. We talked about doing something together for OysterBake. Funny thing is.. it didn't really click that it was only days away.. (no pressure) and luckily it all worked out great! Can't wait to get back in the studio with her. 

..Mix 96.1  ..Bud light ..ah.. what else ..oysters! Lots of oysters! Ppl, lots of ppl! Shout out to the band!

Great great great night!

Banana trees.. graffiti.. streetlights.. and SATX models rockin' the latest line of premium signature American Apparel tees..

Melody Gonzales - Carlton Zeus Retro Femme -  photography by Jazel Marie Whitaker

With all the post production stuff on the album getting mixed out in LA, i found a little extra time on my hands to take my hair stylist up on his offer to round up some local models he's been dying to work with. I got on the phone with my fav local photographers.. 1st question was...

Bday weekend away with the team, Georgetown Texas

Nothing like getting away for the weekend with nothing on the 'to do list' but relax and enjoy good food, drink, & ppl you love.. Special thanks to my mgr for the  Johnnie Blue. Couldn't ask for a better birthday..

Carlton Zeus Bday weekend Georgetown Texas

Carlton Zeus Bday Weekend


Unfortunately, we will not be able to play Momo Fest this year because of scheduling constraints, but I HIGHLY recommend you stop by and check it out. I saw the line-up. If you have or haven't had a chance to checkout some of SA's most talented artists, now you can - all under 1 roof. More details  (here)


To think this all started on an old tape recorder back at my jefita's house.. Phenomenal accommodations from the family at Keith Harter Studios. 3 days, 6 tracks in the bag! theDMG is a MACHINE!!  

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Nine Lives Three Wishes the EP...It's finally here. Much thanks to everybody who bought their copy already!

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