Coors Light reFresh TX Soundtrack Presents: Big Sean ft Tory Lanez & Carlton Zeus


Been putting in overtime.. Proud to announce i'll be joining Big Sean and Tory Lanez September 5th at Whitewater Amphitheater. Thank ya'll for being such a major part of this madness supporting my music and turning other people on to it. Lovin all those msgs from fans showing me their tickets. I see ya'll! 

Coors Light TX Soundtrack presents: 
Big Sean feat. Tory Lanez & Carlton Zeus

Date: Saturday Sep 5, 2015
Doors: 7:00 PM (ends at 12:00 AM)
Price: $18.48 - $594.92
Ages: All ages welcome
Venue: Whitewater Amphitheater, 11860 FM 306, New Braunfels, TX  Venue Map



Texas: Big Sean with Tory Lanez and Carlton Zeus

A couple years ago, I remember sittin in the studio watching the "Mercy" video tellin myself one day i'd be rockin the same stages... Well.. well... well.. Today thru Friday i'm giving away some tickets to Coors Light TX Soundtrack presents Big Sean feat. Tory Lanez & Carlton Zeus at Whitewater Amphitheater! . All you have to do is share this video (public) and say something with cool points for a pretty good chance to win.. Msgs will go out to winners this Friday at noon! Also hit up 98.5 The Beat to see what they're giving away! Fact: You could probably win.

Posted by Carlton Zeus on Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Carlton Zeus Live at The Block SA 2015 Rock the Block


Last San Antonio, TX show of 2015..

San Antonio, Texas! Many muchos thank you's to everybody that came out and affirmed we got the city behind us. Love to The Block SA for making this a top shelf thing! I said I need a bigger stage, bigger lights, more smoke.. and they didn't hold back! Met a lot of new people we'll be seeing Sept 5th with Big Sean and Tory Lanez Whitewater Music Amphitheater ..Love ya'll!


Carlton Zeus Raft Boat crowd surf at 502 Bar San Antonio Texas

more pics


"Carlton Zeus Drops Incredible Set at 502 Bar" -

Carlton Zeus with Carne Asada and Bekah Kelso
Saturday July 25th, 2015
San Antonio, Texas
502 Bar Sponsored by Do210
Special thanks to Miller Lite, 103.3 The App, and Buffalo Wings and Rings
Video made by Matt Albrecht






Carlton Zeus snapchat username


A few moons ago, a gentleman dude by the name of Robert Lopez drove up from McAllen, TX to San Antonio, TX to see what all this Carlton Zeus Rock the Block hype was about.. I remember after the show he pulled me aside and said "McAllen next!" Turns out Bob had all the right signatures to make it happen.


Rapper Carlton Zeus 2015 Live on The Riverwalk San Antonio, Texas

...Because jumping out a helicopter on the intro of your live show is 2016... San Antonio, Texas Love ya'll!



via San Antonio Current


Much love to my team.. The SA Current, Coors Light, and the city of San Antonio for putting me on. Who'da thought we'd see this turnout for a local headliner.. on a TUESDAY 


General Carter (13 Aug 2007 - 14 May 2015)

He was my son, my friend, my security, my 2nd opinion, my crumb cleanup, my pillow, my foot rest, my therapist, co-producer, my dude..  I got him as an 8 week old puppy back in 2007. He's been attached to my hip since.. Gave him to God yesterday and since reminded how much a part of my life he was. Honored by his relentless love.

Til we meet again..

San Antonio Spurs Danny Green in Carlton Zeus Nine Lives Three Wishes tee by American Apparel

 photo courtesty of Teena Michelle

San Antonio Spurs Danny Green rockin that Nine Lives Three Wishes tee.. Green got love for his city. Bumped into his brother Rashad in the studio one night while Ace 1 and I were putting finishing touches on this album. Been in touch ever since. He mentioned his brother plays basketball.. Turns out he does...


and well...


Produced by Steveo Valdez and Khoa Nguyen

Get it now on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play  and probably anywhere else you look!



Rapper's Delight via Mitu Network

Growing up in Brownsville, Texas, rapper Carlton Zeus garnered a special appreciation for Matamoros' street vendors. For the days he can't cross the border, Zeus found excellent grub in his own backyard.

The Block Food Park & Patio Bar is the place Zeus and his crew indulge in nachos and beer. But the food comes second to the staff that makes everyone feel at home. Next up, a food truck where Martin "El Huero" makes tacos with tortillas made from burnt cheese. Zeus loves, a lot.

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