Carlton Zeus texas rapper | Album Three Strikes You're In prod by Happy Perez


Produced by Happy Perez | Video by 9001

Cash Money NECIOnaires

"Three Strikes You're In"

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Executive produced by Happy Perez & Carlos S. Cavazos

BEST Texas Rapper Carlton Zeus releases album Three Strikes You're In. Includes radio single "Necio Cumbia" and more. Executive produced by grammy award winning producer Happy Perez whose production credits include chart topping singles with Miguel, Mariah Carey, Kanye West, Halsey, and more. A San Antonio favorite and rio grande valley raised artist.. (read more)

Necio Cumbia featuring Colour Red

Produced by Steveo Valdez, G. Clef, Ace 1 | Video by 9001

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Zeus was the king of Greek gods who lived on Mt. Olympus, he was the god of sky and thunder, and his symbol was lightning. In this episode you'll meet his Texas son, Carlton. Born in Madrid, Spain and raised in Brownsville, Texas Carlton Zeus is lyrically lightning on a mic, especially for Tejanos. His ability to create music that bridges the gap between Mexican and American Vida via Tejas is mesmerizing. Join Tito Caballero as he asks Carlton about his time serving our country, and the most valuable lesson he learned while doing so. Don't forget to check out his music inside the iHeartRadio app, and "Necio Cumbia" is a great song to start with!" - American Vida iHeart